Are you feeling stuck, like no one will ever see your art? Are you ready to get professional but don't really know how? Are you tired of not getting paid for all the art you are creating? Are you just graduating from art school and not sure what to do next? I CAN HELP.

For years I have been meeting with friends and organizations to give ideas and strategies on how to improve, grow, and expand their reach. I realized that I am not only good at this but I enjoy it. I enjoy activating people's goals and making them a reality. This joy combined with my years in the artists industry have perfectly set me up to empower the artists of today and tomorrow. I have:

  • 10 years of event planning 
  • 8 years of contacts in the arts industry from Hawaii to New York 
  • 6 years of music business management
  • 5 years of non-profit arts programming 
  • 4 years of mentoring high school and college art students
  • 3 years of team management 
  • Masters degree in Arts Management from Drucker School of Business
  • Plus a bachelors degree in Visual Arts

In our sessions we will map out areas of focus and areas of concern. I expect you to come to the table with honest goals, passions, ideas, and artistry. We will quickly create a game plan and timeline that fits your lifestyle and strengths. Each package can be tailored to your specific point in life or industry trends. 

I am simply here to CONNECT and EMPOWER you to your next step as an ARTIST.

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