On Tuesday, June 13 some of my most dear friends, artists, and creators joined me at Cafe Jane in Highland Park to celebrate 1 year of Mischief Managed. I was overwhelmed at how encouraging and thoughtful my community has been and was that night. I was reminded that it took a complex fabric of good people to spur me on and expect greatness from me. 

I wanted to take a vulnerable moment to say out loud, "thank you and please continue to hold me accountable". As a freelance artist and full-time entrepreneur it's easy to discount your work, time, and worth. But as I have encouraged my clients and community I in turn was pushed to practice what I preach. I had to choose to celebrate! 

In case you didn't get to make it, here's what you missed.


  • Empowered local artists to self publish 2 books and release 3 albums
  • Supported 50 local artists to display their work in South LA
  • Coordinated a two-day live video shoot
  • Helped artists re-brand and create templates
  • Managed 3 national tours
  • Led 5 guest lectures at Pasadena City College, Pomona Arts High School, and Cantinas Dance Company
  • Spoke with elected officials as Arts Delegate at LA City Hall
  • Added a Marketing Intern to the team


  1. The top 3 topics I found in common amongst artists: They felt alone, original, and unworthy 
  2. Most artist are extremely hard-working and hyper-focused
  3. Most artist have not been given tools to succeed as professionals
  4. All artists are entrepreneurs 
  5. I can help



*Continue to empower more artists than ever

*Provide more local gathering for shared learning 

*Grow our team and quality of service 

Photo & Video by : Justin Cowan

Food & Venue by : Cafe Jane (aka Jane on York)